Allergies? Me too.

My name is Michael, and I’m the owner of Breathe Healthy. As a kid, I ran a lawn and field mowing business ( I think I spent more time on a tractor seat than a bicycle seat). Unfortunately, I also had allergies. There were times when I would be in the fields all day, but then have to come home with my eyes swelled shut because of my allergies. I tried masks, but they were uncomfortable, and not very easy for a kid to keep on his face in the humid Maryland summer heat…..

A more urban lifestyle and career kept me away from the worst of my allergies until I entered the military. Once again, time “out in the field” brought back my allegies with a vengeance. While serving in a desert environment, we often had to operate in sandstorms and high dust and dirt environments. Often, a shirt or rag wrapped around the face was what we used to protect ourselves…..


The field didn’t care about my allergies

After leaving the military, I met someone who had developed a mask that was comfortable, re-usable, and worked like a charm. It had already gained popularity among people with COPD, as well as cancer warriors going through chemotherapy. I decided that this was a product that could really help people, and had a great future. So, much like the old TV ad for the electric shaver, “I liked it so much, I bought the company!”

Breathe Healthy became the name of the company. We will always be committed to bringing high quality, life-improving products to people who need them. With increasing environmental concerns, we are committed to developing products that improve the air we breathe, maintain our health, and contribute to our well being.

Comfort fit in any attire!

Breathe Healthy™ Masks are a registered Trademark of Breathe Healthy, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Our products are assembled in the USA.