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Breathe Healthy Masks
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Very comfortable for all day use. I don't feel as though it's difficult to breath while I wear my mask and at times I forget I have it on. I've tried other masks during the pandemic and I always find myself switching back to the Breathe Healthy masks in the middle of the day. I love them and will order more! I have allergies and I notice a difference when I have my mask on. Great Masks!
We've worn Breathe Healthy masks for years for various reasons (allergies, sanding dust, blocking wind for rosacea flares, etc) and cannot say strongly enough how comfortable they are. Now that "everyone" makes masks because of the COVID pandemic, we've tried others and they do not compare. I've even worn Breathe Healthy masks while biking and could breathe fine while maintaining my responsibility to public health. We've bought these for family and friends because we love them so much. If your current face covering moves when you talk, slides off your nose or up into your eyes, pulls on your ears, or makes you feel claustrophobic, give Breathe Healthy masks a try. If they are out of stock, put yourself on the back-in-stock notification email list for the designs you are interested in.
What a life saver! I wouldn’t be able to get through chemo AND a pandemic without these comfy, effective masks. No nonsense, no price gouging, same masks we’ve all come to depend on but now my family and friends can wear them to keep me and themselves safer during these uncertain times. We’ve also been able to purchase their KN95 disposable masks for my husband who is an essential worker. Thank you Breathe Heathy for keeping us safe and comfortable and for making it affordable to do so!!!
Not only are they well made, fit comfortably and reusable, the are made in the USA!!! 🇺🇸
Made in the USA, highly recommend if you have lung problems or allergies & especially now with COVID-19 so bad & not knowing how long we will need to "mask up" when out. Wash by hand, let dry and your ready to go, I have 3. My brother recommended them as he wore them during his chemo treatments and after a few years ago. Awesome product.! Thank you Breathe Heathy !
I bought masks from Breathe Healthy a couple years ago while a loved one was going through chemo treatments. Presently, after years and many MANY washings, those masks are still going strong and comfortable to wear. Thank you for your excellent work!
LOVE THEM!!! I’ve worn one as needed for years for my allergies and find them comfortable even for extended wear.
the masks help with my allergies and having asthma.
They kept my asthma and allergies from acting up at all last spring and summer mowing season. I wore them religiously. I have the flame, dogwood, herringbone gray and herringbone pink styles. Easy to wash and dry and I carry one in my purse for exposures to smoke and toxic fumes.
The masks are comfortable and the quality is great. The customer service is also excellent.
I find these masks brilliant for my chemical sensitivity I can’t even smell bleach when I wear it 5stars
I bought the Honeycomb Beige Mask with Elastic Headbands and I use it for bicycling. Down here in Arizona there are so many particulates in the air, my bicycle headlamp looks like a solid Light Saber at night. Before I bought this mask I would lay awake coughing all night, lungs choked with dust, unable to sleep but now I don't have any problems. Used properly with the adjustable padded nose form, the mask seals completely and doesn't let anything in from the sides, either. I have had no reaction whatsoever from the fabric against my skin. I plan to also use this on airplanes when I travel. Highly recommended.

Best way I've found to get it clean is to put it in a small tupperware container by itself with cool water and ONLY a few DROPS of hypoallergenic detergent like All Free and Clear and shake for a minute or two. After 5 minutes remove and rinse thoroughly, flowing the water from the inside to the front side of the mask. Press most of the water out with a towel and then hang to dry. Done. This method prevents any possible damage from a washing machine.
I have cystic fibrosis. As a person of cystic fibrosis when I go for my cf checkup and hospital stays. I and other people who has cystic fibrosis has to wear mask. In cf genetic disease. It produces a lot of very thick mucus in our lungs organs sinuses. In our lungs there are ton of bacteria we have. Normal people can not catch only people with cf. There is a lot of cf people using vogmask. I did my research on amazon. I came across breathe healthy mask. I compare it. Breathe healthy mask covers more such airborne germs especially due to coughs and sneezes. Etc... ESPECIALLY IT IS HOSPITAL SAFE!! THAT IS A PLUS!! VOGMASK DOES NOT COVER IN THIS AREA. PLUS BREATHE HEALTHY IS MADE USA!! HUGE PLUS!! I AM GOING TO PASS IT ON TO MY CF DOCTORS. JOB WELL DONE. IT IS SO COMFORTABLE LOVE IT!!
I have severe airborne allergies to nuts. Wearing the Breathe Healthy masks has again allowed me to walk through the grocery store. It sounds like a little thing, but if you are in jeopardy of dire consequences,you understand my joy. I was able to fly for the first time in years and I didn't get sick! Thank you for your fine product. I am a committed user.
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