• All Products – Masks, children’s masks, 4 Layer Masks, and antibacterial sprays
  • Germ, Dust, Pollen, Flu, Allergy, Asthma Masks – All our 2 layer protective masks
  • 4 Layer Protective Mask for Germs and Flu – Our 4-layer mask doubles the filtration and antimicrobial protection of our standard masks for additional germ protection (it has 4 layers, our others have 2).
  • Childrens Isolation Mask – Face sizes vary quite a bit! Our Breathe Healthy® Small/Child size germ masks are cut about an inch shorter in length and width for children up to around age 10 and adults with smaller faces.
  • Cold Weather Face Masks – These reversible, double fleece cold weather face masks are made with two layers of fleece and are ideal for cold days when attending sporting events, hunting, skiing, working outdoors, shoveling snow, or simply taking a walk on a snowy day.
  • N95 Respirators – These respirators are rated N95 by the NIOSH division of the CDC. N95 masks are recommended by various health authorities for added defense against the transmission of viruses.
  • Antibacterial Sprays – Our 100% natural antibacterial, antiviral sprays are specially formulated to be used with a Breathe Healthy Mask or on your hands (when washing is not an option), body and bedding and have anti-bacterial/ anti-viral / antiseptic properties.
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  • Return Policy – We ask that you shop with certainty, as by law, respiratory masks are personal products that can not be resold. Therefore, for health and safety reasons (specifically tampering), we cannot accept returns nor exchanges of face masks.
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  • Uses for Dust Masks – They are made to protect against a lot more than just dust.
  • Asthma Masks – Experimentation with fabrics, designs, fit and comfort helped to develop the mask into a very popular mask for protection against allergens and contaminants in the air.
  • Pollen Masks – When you are working in a dusty or dirty environment, there is nothing to protect your lungs from what you are breathing in.
  • COPD Masks – Many of our Microbe Shield® mask and cold weather mask customers include COPD patients who tell us our masks are ideal for warming up the air when it is cold outside. I
  • Grooming Masks – We love our pets! But, while grooming a dog, horse, cat or any furry animal, the air you breathe may contain hair, dander, parasites and bacteria which, after repeated exposure, can cause or contribute to bronchial problems.
  • Travel Flu Masks – Help to protect others as well as yourself – while the airlines and trains have greatly improved interior air quality, you still can be easily exposed to the many flu germs that inhabit a confined space.
  • Germ Masks – Many of our customers include those with respiratory issues or reduced immune system strength, and those who wish to have some protection when visiting the doctor, hospital patients, or the emergency room.
  • Gardening / Allergy Masks – Whether at work, working around the house or working at a hobby, dust can be both an irritant and detriment to your health. Many respiratory and health problems develop as a result of sustained exposure to dust.
  • Cold Air Masks – We a offer our double fleece Breathe Healthy Cold Weather Fleece Masks for the more frigid days.

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