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Breathe Healthy mask types

Are you still living in a world of scratchy and wasteful paper masks? Your visit to the Breathe Healthy mask store is long overdue!

We said it before and we’ll say it again: masks are not just for COVID.

As we enter cold and flu season, masks remain a must for some people. The nation has finally got used to masks as part of daily life. There’s no reason we shouldn’t continue to reap their benefits.

The problem is, so many masks were designed so rapidly when the pandemic hit. There was no time to consider adjustability or appearance. Luckily, we’ve been around much longer than that.

Just like our t-shirt or our hairstyle, our face mask is one of the first things people see.

Breathe Healthy masks are built for style, comfort, warmth, and breathability. We carry so many colors, we guarantee there’s one to suit every wardrobe. But we understand it’s a bit of a step up from your standard issue medical masks. So how do you choose?!

Let’s explore some of the different types, and figure out which mask is your match made in heaven.

Keep out that cold

It’s getting to that time of year again. The trees turn, and the air feels a little crisper. It’s a beautiful time of year. But after a long hot summer, we’re quick to forget that first sting of walking barefaced on a cold day! And for our friends in the northern states, a windy stroll can be downright painful. Our reversible, double fleece winter masks don’t just banish bacteria, but biting temperatures too. Never take a walk that hurts your face again.

Show some personality

Are you a pastels person? Do you love patterns or block colors? Bright shades or nudes and neutrals? We’ve got designs for sweethearts, soldiers, dog lovers and patriots. Choose from thirty different designs made with you in mind. Each one is adjustable, mouldable, and protective against dust, mold, allergens, and germs. Create a capsule mask wardrobe this season to compliment your fall fashion.

For the serious stuff

For the times when you need that extra level of protection, we’re fully stocked with CDC-approved N95 particulate filtering respirator masks. It sounds like a mouthful, but there’s some serious tech behind these lightweight facepieces. The fabric is fused using ultrasound sealing. They’re built with hypoallergenic elastic, and the non-woven filters are charged with static to catch pesky cold and flu particles.

‘Tis the season… nearly

We’re apologizing in advance for this one, but our collection wouldn’t be complete without a little seasonal sparkle. While you’re stocking up, grab a protective, reusable, moisture-wicking mask in your Christmas colors. It’ll also keep you safe from dust, pollen, and smoke from that open fire! And if it’s a little too soon for you to think about, we’ve got you covered for November 2nd too.

We want to change the way the nation wears masks. Don’t just take our word for it – view our customer reviews here.