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How to battle COVID and the cold in one this winter

The winter season has always come with its chills and challenges. Thankfully, as we enter the second and hopefully much less critical winter of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are going in more prepared.

The CDC is still advising us to wear face masks to protect ourselves and each other. Namely, in public indoor spaces, public outdoor spaces if COVID cases are high in the area, and on public transport.

But there’s another reason many of us will be masking up in the coming months: American winters can get seriously chilly!

Lots of us brave the winter winds with scarves, balaclavas, and neck-gaiters. But a year and a half into this new way of living, we have lots of data about what actually keeps us safe from colds and flus (and it’s bad news for the bandana wearers of the world). 

Loosely-woven materials like wool might cover our faces and keep us warm, but they are likely letting bacteria pass through, especially if they’re also loose fitting. Simple, non-woven materials provide very low levels of protection from the spread of respiratory droplets (the tiny particles of moisture that come out of our mouths when we speak, cough, and sneeze).

Tightly woven materials like fleece and cotton have been scientifically proven to keep us the safest. Their layers are much harder for moisture particles to travel through. The most effective masks not just for heat insulation but for infection prevention are masks with two or three layers of tightly-woven materials.  

They also need to fit closely around your face, so adjustability and elastic edges are a must.

Breathe Healthy’s Cold Weather Fleece Face Masks are where looking good, keeping warm, and staying protected come together in perfect harmony.

We’d recommend these winter wonders for anyone looking to stay cozy and cold-free, but they’re particularly perfect for:

  • Glasses wearers – the small plastic section that moulds to your nose prevents your breath from fogging up glasses and goggles.
  • Outdoor workers – many of us working in public spaces still have to wear masks, but for those of us working outside during the day, paper ones don’t do much to keep the cold out. Our fleece masks give the same layers of protection as paper and medical masks, while keeping your face free from frost all day long.
  • Asthma, allergy, and COPD sufferers – cold weather can exacerbate breathing conditions. Our fleece face masks keep out triggering dust and pollen particles without restricting your airflow.


They’re also reversible, so if you do experience that inevitable build up of moisture that occurs when our warm breath meets the cold air, just flip the mask around to give the inside layer a chance to dry. 

Our Cold Weather Fleece Masks are machine washable and will last you not just all season but for several winters to come.

Order yours here today and never suffer that frozen-nose feeling again!