When worn properly, Breathe Healthy Allergy Masks / Germ Masks / Pollen Masks / Asthma Masks / Cold Weather Masks / Winter Masks / Ski Masks / Microbe Shield Masks / Travel Masks / Health Masks help protect the wearer from illness that may result from allergens, cold weather, dust, mold spores and from germs in airborne effluents resulting from coughs and sneezing. However, they are not intended to be used for harmful chemical and toxic exposure or in any environment where a respirator or medical device is indicated.
Wearing a Breathe Healthy Allergy Mask / Asthma Mask / Dust Mask / Germ Mask / Travel Mask / Pollen Mask / Cold Weather Mask / 2x Germ Mask / Health Mask / Groomer Mask / Grass Mowing Mask / Woodworking Mask is a “first line of defense” and should include frequent washing of hands as well as other good health practices. Breathe Healthy Masks should not be worn in Banks or other buildings and businesses where security may be an issue. Further, no information on this web site is intended to be taken as medical or legal advice.