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Breathe Healthy | Who really is Breathe Healthy?

There’s hardly a soul on this earth that hasn’t worn a face mask this past year and a half.

For most of us, wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience. For some, it’s a necessary evil that can add further discomfort to an already uncomfortable situation. If you suffer from COPD or asthma, it can mean total misery.

Breathe Healthy understood this long before COVID hit.

Founder Michael Vahey is a lifelong allergy sufferer, veteran, and champion of face mask comfort. After long summers mowing lawns in Maryland in his youth, and several military tours in high dust and dirt environments, Michael knew there had to be a way to protect ourselves without compromising our comfort.


The Breathe Healthy founder Mike Vahey and his son

What makes the Breathe Healthy product so special?

14 years ago, Michael started a mission to take loose-fitting paper masks and medical-grade respirator masks, and combine the best of both. Breathe Healthy masks are extremely comfortable, but they filter out particles as tiny as 1 micron, and they’re treated with the patented AEGIS® Microbe Shield to keep germ-spreading particles out. Plus you can adjust the ear loops.

But what makes these masks really special (and worlds apart from scratchy surgical paper) is that the fabric is athletic-grade. A common component of gym and sports wear, athletic-grade fabric is designed to be worn against the skin, even in conditions of intense heat and humidity. They’re secure-fitting, but breathable. No harshness, no rubbing. 

Even more key, the fabric is ‘moisture wicking’, meaning it pulls moisture away from the face. This means maximum coolness, comfort, and hygiene too. 

A world of new mask-wearers

Thanks to the massive global need, all kinds of shops and suppliers have started hawking facemasks, from the cheap and papery to the techie-looking N95s. 

This response was needed, but in many cases, it’s been rushed, haphazard, and done on a budget. When new suppliers jumped on the mask-making bandwagon, they gave little thought to the wearer. Their efforts were tunnel-visioned: just get them on the shelves. This comes with two glaring issues: 


  • Masks that don’t fit properly are ineffective. Germs and bacteria can get in around the sides, meaning our mask-wearing efforts are wasted. 
  • People get tired of wearing them. Whether fueled by political views or discomfort, the anti-masker movement meant a lot of people were needlessly exposed to COVID. Even those of us who believe in wearing masks pull them off the second we leave the store if they feel tight, oppressive, and scratchy. Creating a nation of mask-wearers involves making that mask-wearer feel happy and comfortable, as well as safe and protected. 

It’s very likely that masks will be permanently adopted by many of us in the Western world. Whether it’s in COVID-related situations like future lockdowns, when you’ve got the common cold, or when you’re battling seasonal allergies. Breathe Healthy’s ethos is: if you’re in it for the long haul, might as well make it comfortable.

Breathe Healthy masks are not churned out by major manufacturers. They’re not a makeshift solution or a stop gap. They’re designed for continual adoption in a world where face masks are the new normal. When the mask market dies down, they’ll still be doing what they do best. 

You can shop the wide range of Breathe Healthy patterns and colors here, or read what other people have to say about their Breathe Healthy experiences here.