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Why facemasks are the future for allergy sufferers

Here’s an understatement for you: reactions to the rise of the facemask have been mixed across the world. 

Far behind countries like China, Japan, and Korea, where masks have been a part of social courtesy for years, the West has met mask-wearing mandates with a mixture of reluctance, skepticism, and rebellion. 

But as the pandemic progressed and mask-wearing policies were enforced, most of us have not just come to accept them, but to be grateful for their particle-shielding powers. 

So why stop now?

50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. 

Some have mild symptoms (like a runny nose or itchy eyes), and are only affected in certain months of the year. For others, symptoms are debilitating, unpredictable, and a year-round battle. 

A simple solution for allergy sufferers

Seasonal hay fever sufferers are triggered when trees release pollen and large areas of grass and weeds are cut, usually in the spring. But perennial sufferers – those who deal with reactions all year round – can also be triggered by damp, dust mites, and animal dander in any season and any weather. 

These nasty reactions inhibit our breathing, our sleep, and our ability to focus. We end up with red noses and streaming eyes. Not great when all your friends are out socialising, hiking, BBQ-ing, and freely enjoying the great outdoors.

To put it simply, no matter the severity of your symptoms, wearing a face mask helps. Especially if you choose one that protects you from particles as tiny as 1 micron (one millionth of a meter). No need to hide away inside. Wearing one for even a part of your day can dramatically alleviate your reactions to pollen and dander. 

No longer an anomaly 

Pre-pandemic, we might’ve felt self conscious going to meet friends or do our shopping with a face mask on. Now, no one bats an eye. 

Even if you’re not keen on wearing a mask in public, every household should have a couple of masks in the garage for things like lawn mowing, dog grooming, and cycling through traffic (if you’re in a city with lots of congestion, this one’s a no brainer). 

The same goes if you’re cleaning with chemicals or home-dyeing your hair. Masks make these tasks a little more pleasant, shielding us from the fumes and some of the harsh smells. 

If you’re even slightly sensitive to animal dander or pollen particles, we guarantee a face mask will make life that little bit better. 

A mask is for life, not just for COVID

It goes without saying: mask-wearing isn’t exclusive to COVID. We now have a familiar and socially-acceptable way to protect ourselves from everything from seasonal flu and common colds. 

Naturally, we love to see the world embracing mask-wearing. We’ve been advocating for them since long before COVID, and we’ll continue to rave about the benefits when the pandemic is just a memory. 

At Breathe Healthy, we have something a little bit special for allergy sufferers. Our masks are fitted with the AEGIS Microbe Shield® treatment – an antimicrobial layer that kills microorganisms as they contact the surface. 

Because we’ve designed our masks for long-haul comfort, the straps are adjustable, the fabric is breathable, and we have colours and patterns for just about every taste and every outfit.

We know they’ll be the comfiest mask you’ve ever worn – buy yours today, then get out there and enjoy your summer.