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Breathe Healthy allergy mask for dust, pollen, asthma. (Fleece Black) design.

This mask comes with adjustable ear loops only.

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The Breathe Healthy reversible, double fleece cold weather mask is made with two layers of fleece and is ideal for very cold days when attending sporting events, hunting, skiing, working outdoors, shoveling snow, or simply taking a walk on a cold snowy day. Our soft non-latex adjustable ear loops and elasticized sides provide a comfort fit while the nose form prevents fogging of glasses & goggles. One of the main problems with most cold weather masks is their accumulation of moisture from your breath. Unlike others that become cold and damp, simply reverse the side next to your face and allow the side with accumulated moisture to dry while you continue your activity. Also, many people have found that these masks work well with a nasal cannula.
Our fleece masks are washable. They do not have our antimicrobial treatment.
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1 review for Fleece Black Mask

  1. Mary B

    Have worn these fleece masks from your company for a few years. Use them for cold or windy days and also in elevator shared with many people where I live. They prevent me from having serious allergic reactions to perfumes, etc. I wear them a few times a week and have washed them on delicate many times. They are as nice as when I purchased them.

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